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Clean Room
ETRO Infrastructure

Welcome to ETRO's Microelectronic Laboratory, where we study novel semiconductor based Electro-Optic devices and MEM's, teach students how this research production operations are performed and how to characterize their processes. This Laboratory is equipped with high-end Photo-Lithograpy Systems, dedicated Measurement Systems and peripherals. The Lab is mainly used for Research and Education, but recent industrially oriented projects open doors towards Millimetre Wave, Bioengineering and Laser Applications. This has to be seen in the context of Research and prototyping for small groups of students and PhD students.

Relevant Photo Lithography equipment

  • One Karl Süss Mask Aligner with infra red back side illumination
  • One Brucker Dektak
  • Two Spin tables
  • One Oxidation Furnace
  • Two Wet Benches
  • Laminair Air Flow equipment
  • One Wedge Bonder
  • One Ball Bonder
  • One Ellipsometer
  • One Karl Süss Flip Chip Machine
  • One Balzers Evaporation Equipment
  • Etching and Deposition Tools
  • Soft and Hard Baking Ovens

Research & expertise

This Lab is just a very miniature basic outline compared to large semiconductor fabrication Labs but gives some impression of processing in the Faculty of Micro-electronic Engineering. The variety of equipment in this lab must be seen as research tools to characterize novel MEM's, Bionics and Electro-Optic components, developed at ETRO within Prof. Vounckx and Prof. Stiens's group. More precisely our domain of expertise is found in the field of:

  • Semiconductor based devices: design and fabrication of Thermo-Electric Photodetectors for high power CO2lasers & modulators / Q-switches for CO2 lasers
  • CO2 laser resonator design and alignment
  • Millimeter and Tera-Herz prototyping MEMS
  • Bio-engineering design
  • Laser Based Micro-Machining

Education Related Lab Activities

Students that follow the course "Technological Processes for Photonics and Electronics: laboratory" of Prof. Stiens and "Physics of Semiconductor Technologies and Devices of Prof. Vounckx and Prof Heidi Ottevaere are given an opportunity to experience or have a demonstration of some basic semiconductor processes in research situation.

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