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Dielectric imaging and sensing

The interaction of mm and THz waves with materials is described by the dielectric permittivity and magnetic permeability function. The research work in this area concerns:

  • Characterization of material properties using quasi-optical vector based measurement techniques (S-parameters)

  • Development of powerful and robust hierarchical algorithms (combinations of direct and indirect techniques) to extract material properties of single and multi-layer structures

  • Evaluation of dielectric mixing models of compounds and mixtures

  • Process control of industrial processes

The materials of our interest include: technology materials for realizing integrated and packaged electronic circuits and systems: semiconductors (Si, GaAs), dielectrics, insulators (BCB), ceramics, polymers, liquids, powders, granular materials, mixtures… The target industries can be very diverse: electronic, chemical, food, pharmacy, biotech, agriculture, construction,…

Relevant Activities

Mathematical Problems in Imaging

  • Environmental: Fish counting and monitoring devices.
  • Automotive: Proximity sensing applications, including reversing sensors and blind spot imaging.
  • Security and utility: Through wall imaging, airport security screening.

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