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A list of events ETRO is organizing or participating in.

ETRO's PhD Defences


PhD Defense by Mr Tobias Birnbaum


For wave phenomena, the holographic principle describes how, based upon light
propagation laws and a recording of the amplitude and the phase of a wave
front in ...

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PhD Defense by Mr. Panagiotis Tsinganos

Multi-channel EMG pattern classification based on deep learning

In recent years, a huge body of data generated by various applications in domains like social networks and healthcare have paved the way for the development of high ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Placide Shabisha


The Internet of Things (IoT) and its applications have literally invaded our environment, home, cities, cars, etc. and there could be more than 40 billion IoT devices ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Jakub Ceranka

Advancements in Whole-Body Multi-Modal MRI: Towards Computer-Aided Diagnosis of ...

Cancer that begins in an organ, such as the lungs, breast or prostate, and then spreads to the bone or other organs, marks the beginning of metastatic disease. The ...

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PhD Defense by Mr. Ayyoub Ahar


Holography has held the promise to empower full-parallax 3D visualisation since its invention in 1948. Though, only in recent years it has returned to the forefront ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Gobinath Jegannathan

Current-assisted SPAD sensors fabricated in conventional CMOS

A major revolution in light-detection is on-going. Whereas in the past, the electrical signal from light incident on a detector had to be amplified with a ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Abel Diaz Berenguer

Learning to predict human behavior in crowded scenes

Automatically understanding human behavior is one of the most fundamental research topic towards socially aware vision-based autonomous systems. There is an ...

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PhD Defense by Mrs Evgenia Papavasileiou

Towards more Efficient NeuroEvolution: Application on Feature Selection and Classification Problems

NeuroEvolution (NE) is a sub-field of Artificial Intelligence whose purpose is to optimize Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) by modeling the biological evolutionary ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Alexander Soñora Mengana


Lung cancer is the first cause of cancer related death worldwide Early detection can have substantial impact on treatment outcome Computer aided detection (systems can ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Volodymyr Seliuchenko


Our world is being reshaped by machines which are getting closer to humans in perceptive and cognitive abilities enabling previously unimaginable applications Autonomous ...

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PhD Defense by Mr. Tien Do Huu

Graph-based Deep Learning for Social Media and Smart City Data Analytics

We address the two challenges of big heterogeneous data originated from social media and smart cities, namely data quality enhancement and data exploitation. In the ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Steffen Thielemans


The lighting industry is undergoing drastic changes as solid-state lighting based on light emitting diodes (LEDs) is becoming more powerful, more efficient, and ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Sven Boulanger


Can be followed by Zoom, using the following link:
Meeting ID: 813 9198 ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Sander Stroobants

Crystallization and nucleation under constant shear conditions: A novel microfluidic approach

Protein crystallization is of major importance in several domains such as structural biology and pharmacy. Indeed, good quality protein crystals are a necessity for ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Minh Duc Nguyen


Recent years have witnessed massive growths in the amount of data generated from applications in various domains, spanning from smart cities and healthcare to ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Thanh-Long Nguyen


Internet of Things (IoT) allows physical environments to be connected to the Internet by means of billions or even, in the near future, trillions of IoT devices such as ...

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PhD Defense by Miss Athanasia Symeonidou

Efficient algorithms for high-quality computer-generated holygraphy

In recent years, three-dimensional display technology has seen huge advancements, targeting a more immersive 3D experience for a plethora of applications such as ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Linkun Wu


A full depleted high-speed photosensitive pixel is presented, where its depletion electrostatic profile and the back bias technique are discussed. A pixel test ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Bruno Tiago da Silva Gomes.

Acceleration of streaming applications on FPGAS: Architectures, performance strategies and models

Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) increasingly assume roles as hardware accelerators which significantly speed up computations in a wide range of streaming ...

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PhD Defense by Mr. Oscar Elio Mattia


The large bandwidth available at mm-wave frequencies presents an opportunity to dramatically improve wireless communications and remote sensing. In wireless ...

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PhD Defense by Mrs Aura Cecilia Alegría Caicedo

Analysis and Prediction of Risks Related to Landmines and Explosive Remnants of War

Landmines and explosive remnants of war (ERW) continue to affect the lives of people living in previously war-torn countries. A major challenge in humanitarian mine ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Eamonn Jalal Ahmad

Photonic Time-Stretch Enabled High Throughput Microwave and MM-Wave Interferometry ...

The research presented in this thesis is focused towards developing real-time, high-speed applications, employing ultrafast optical microwave generation and ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Mathias Becquaert

Compressed sensing for microwave in-depth imaging

Non-destructive testing (NDT) using cm- and mm-waves is an appealing technology, thanks to the attractive properties for in-depth imaging. The ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Jorge Lagos Benites


The ever-increasing demand for higher data throughput has fueled the development of
analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) that seek to maximize both ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Matthias Carlier

Integration of a multicast framework in the Internet of Things.

The phenomena of connecting millions of different devices to the internet gave rise to the so-called Internet of Things (IoT). A subset of those IoT networks are ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Bruno Bonnechere

Functional assessment during physical rehabilitation exercises using serious games

Lack of motivation has been highlighted as a major cause of adverse patients outcomes during the rehabilitation process.

Thanks to the evolution in the way video ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Guoqiang He

Controlling sub-THz waves with graphene based devices

Carbon nanomaterials, such as carbon nanotubes and graphene, have attracted substantial interest in the electromagnetic domain due to their excellent electronical ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Meshia Cedric Oveneke

Towards Computational Empathy: Leveraging the Deep Learning Paradigm for Continuous Affect ...

Empathy is one of the most fundamental cognitive building blocks of human intelligence. What if empathy was as fundamental for artificial intelligence? Motivated by this ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Edison Cristofani

Compressed sensing as a tool for defense applications in the GHz frequency band

Perfect signal recovery from discretized continuous signals has been studied under the name of the Nyquist-Shannon sampling theorem. If a signal is sufficiently ...

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PhD Defense by Mrs Marie-Paule Uwase

Experimental Comparison of Radio Duty Cycling Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks

Wireless sensor networks are often battery powered and therefore their power consumption is of critical importance. Power requirements can be reduced by switching off ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Michel Perez-Gonzalez

From cell images to cellular dynamics: a Computer Vision and Machine Learning approach

The increasing application of machine learning and artificial intelligence to a wide range of fields has opened new possibilities to analyze large amounts of data. ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Badr Malki

Integrator-based Analog to Digital Converters for Wireless Applications

Emerging wireless technologies such as 5G and Internet-of-Things (IoT) push circuit designers to implement innovative circuits with more power efficiency and ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Beerend Ceulemans

Multiview Video Processing – Color Correction and View Synthesis

With the increasing interest in high-quality 3D multimedia content over the last decade, a great deal of research is dedicated to further improvement of already ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Nereo Markulic

Digital Subsampling Phase Lock Techniques for Frequency Synthesis and Polar Transmission

Wireless technology systems have intruded in almost every aspect of today’s communication. Technology scaling and innovation in the field of integrated circuits ...

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PhD Defense by Mr David Blinder

Efficient Representation, Generation and Compression of Digital Holograms

Digital holography is a discipline of science that measures or reconstructs the wavefield of light by means of interference. The wavefield encodes three-dimensional ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Alaaeldien Medra

CMOS mm-Wave Front-End Circuits of Phase-Modulated Continuous-Wave Radar

With many emerging applications in the fields of road safety, smart homes and person detection, there is an increasing demand for cheap and ubiquitous accurate ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Gabor Fodor

Multimedia Security with Applications in Traitor Tracing, Video Encryption and Art Investigation

Digital media security is an emerging cross-disciplinary research domain that combines elements of multiple fields, such as computer science, mathematics, law, ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Wagdy Gaber

CMOS Current-Based RF IQ Digital Transmitters

In the era of internet of things (IOT)s, machine to machine and 5th generation (5G) mobile communications, several hundred thousands of simultaneous connections with ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Gokarna Pandey

Ultra-sensitive millimeter wave sensor for material characterization

Materials are characterized by their properties such as moisture content, ice content, density, and volumetric fraction of other constituents. Accurate determination of ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Hans Ingelberts

Efficient CMOS Sensors for sub-nanosecond gated fluorescence lifetime imaging

Fluorescence imaging is a powerful technique with ever increasing importance in fields like microscopy and medical imaging. The new wealth of available fluorescent ...

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PhD Defense by Mr. Yuchen Zhang

Waveguide based Millimeter wave liquid sensors

In the frequency range from 30 to 300 GHz, the response of liquid materials
under the illumination of electromagnetic waves is determined by the ...

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PhD Defense by Mrs Selma Yilmazyildiz

Semantic-Free Affective Speech Framework for Social Human-Robot Interaction

Recent developments in robotics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are further accelerating the introduction of robots in our daily lives and the physical ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Jan Hanca

Lightweight image and video compression

Ranging from surveillance and environmental tracking to healthcare monitoring and industrial supervision, Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) have proven to be a useful ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Evangelos Zimos

Aggregation and Recovery Methods for Heterogeneous Data In IoT Applications

Recent advances on sensing hardware, wireless communications, cloud computing and data analysis have powered intelligent data acquisition systems, equipped with smart ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Felipe Reinoso Carvalho

T.A.S.T.E. - Testing Auditory Solutions towards the improvement of the Tasting Experience.

There is a common agreement among researchers about the involvement of multiple senses when
flavours are being experienced. In particular, there is a growing ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Qixian Shi

CMOS mm-Wave Frequency Synthesis for Communication and Radar Systems

This PhD thesis focuses on the frequency synthesis blocks for millimeter wave applications including the 60GHz IEEE 802.11ad high-speed wireless communications and ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Trong Huynh Bao

Design-technology co-optimization of vertical gate-all-around transistors for ...

For sub-20nm CMOS technology generations, conventional transistor and lithography scaling have hit significant difficulties. Other avenues such as alternative ...

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PhD Defense by Miss Tingting Liu

Demystification of hidden Markov Models: on Identifiability, learnability and Applicability

Hidden Markov Models (HMMs) are models based on unknown, hidden states for modeling dynamic systems. The main goal of my PhD is to increase our understanding of HMMs, to ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Barend Van Liempd

Tunable RF Front-End Circuits

Driven by the end-user's insatiable thirst for increased data throughput, wireless data networks today suffer from spectrum scarcity. As spectral resources ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Peng Long

EmSBoT: a modular software framework for networked robotic systems

A modern advanced robot or a multi-robot system can be regarded as a networked system equipped with diverse embedded processors ranging from microcontrollers to ...

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PhD Defense by Miss Fei Guan

Reducing pessimism in mixed-criticality system designs

Embedded systems are more and more taking part in everyone’s daily live. In some industry standards, functions hosted by these embedded systems are classified into ...

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PhD Defense by Mr. Ali Pourkazemi

Transient Radar Method: A Novel Electromagnetic Illumination and Blind Analysis Technique for the ...

In the last few decades the industrial usage of many new (multi-layered) composite materials such as Glass Reinforced Polymers (GRP), Carbon Reinforced Polymers ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Bob Andries

Efficient wavelet-based 3D graphics rendering

The visual quality of interactive 3D rendering has taken huge leaps during the last few decades. Starting from simple wireframes, we currently witness immensely detailed ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Andrei Sechelea

Binary Source Coding with Side Information

Slepian-Wolf (SW) coding, which is concerned with separate lossless compression of correlated
sources with joint decoding, forms the basis of distributed source ...

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PhD Defense by Miss Ruxandra Florea

L-infinite-driven coding of semi-regular meshes

Providing users with an immersive viewing experience can prove useful in entertainment, medical care, military simulations, or education. This has been a focus of ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Lubos Omelina

Visual Human Recognition and Identification

As the smart home concept begins to take shape, alongside accessible biometric systems more broadly, an integrated and reliable identification may transform our home to ...

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PhD Defense by Mr. Viki Szortyka

CMOS circuits for mm-Wave wireless connectivity

The communication at millimeter-wave frequencies offers very large bandwidths that can
be used for multigigabit-per-second communication. The use of ...

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PhD Defense by Mr. Khaled Khalaf

Towards CMOS Low-Power TX Architectures for High – Datarate mm- Wave Applications

The insatiable need of consumers worldwide for higher data rates in wireless communication brings the frequencies of operation towards the millimeter wave spectrum ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Tomas Dekens

Automatic prosodic analysis for computer-assisted therapy of dysarthric speech

Dysarthria refers to speech disorders that are characterized by a reduced control of the muscles that play a role in the production of speech. This impaired control ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Pedro Paro Filho

Charge based CMOS Digital RF Transmitters

The point where wireless communication and ubiquitous connectivity became an essential part of our lives is already past. Generation after generation communication speed ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Dave Geerardyn

Time-of-Flight sensing behind a primary confusing reflection

Introduction: Since the launch of the Kinect®, depth sensing cameras became known to the general public. Currently these type of systems mostly use structured light ...

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PhD Defense by Ms. Hameda Alkorre

Graphene plasmonics at millimeter wave and terahertz (THz) wave frequencies

The following fundamental intriguing question was raised: Can a one-atom thin graphene layer, whose carrier concentration can be easily modified, efficiently ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Petar Marendic

Distributed memory reduction operations in presence of process desynchronization

Decades of exponential growth in computational power have resulted in computers that can perform several million billion arithmetic operations per second. However, ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Georgios Athanasopoulos

Contributions to acoustic localization for robotic audition

Humans are known to perceive humanoid robots not as mechatronic devices but to attribute to them characteristics similar to those attributed to living organisms. ...

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PhD Defense by Mr. Adriaan Barri

A customized machine learning framework for objective visual quality assessment

Objective measures to automatically predict the perceptual quality of images or videos can reduce the time and cost requirements of end-to-end quality ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Lukas Latacz

High-Quality Personalized Text-to-Speech Synthesis for Belgian Standard Dutch

Human speech is quite diverse: there exist more than 7000 languages in the world, even more regional language variants, and humans apply – partly unconsciously ...

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PhD Defense by Ms. Isabel Gonzalez

The Art of Face Reading: Automatic Detection of Facial Expressions

Facial expressions play an important role in nonverbal communication. The face can show fleeting emotions or more enduring moods, even stable personality characteristics ...

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PhD Defense by Mr. Tim Bruylants

Advanced Coding Technologies For Medical and Holographic Imaging - Algorithms, Implementations ...

Medical and holographic imaging modalities produce large datasets that require efficient compression mechanisms for storage and transmission. This PhD dissertation ...

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PhD Defense by Mr. Francesco Cartella

Hidden semi-Markov Models for Online Failure Prediction of Industrial Machines

Predictive machine maintenance, where in real time the remaining useful lifetime of the machine is calculated, is of major importance for industrial and manufacturing ...

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PhD Defense by Mr. Giovanni Mangraviti

Injection Locking Techniques for CMOS-Based mm-Wave Frequency Synthesis

Mm-wave frequencies (30 GHz – 300 GHz) offer opportunities for many wireless applications involving two basic human activities: communication and sensing. ...

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PhD Defense by Miss Fengna Wang

Data Representation and Kernel-based Machine Learning Methods for Speech Emotion Recognition

This dissertation aims at highlighting potential solutions, from both the model aspect and the feature aspect, for recognizing the latent emotions of humans from their ...

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PhD Defense by Miss Xiao Lan Yao

Mobility Monitoring of the Elderly: towards an Automated iTUG Test Using a 3D Camera

The motor skills of a human being will inevitably decline over the human life span. Analyzing this slow decline and developing prediction models for associated fall and ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Bruno Cornelis

Image Processing for Art Investigation

Recent advances in digital image acquisition methods and the wide range of imaging modalities currently available have triggered museums to digitize their painting ...

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PhD Defense by Mr. Hasan FAYYAD-KAZAN

Benchmarking virtualization solutions (for business and embedded systems)

Over the last 10 years, virtualization has become much more widely popular as a result of fast and cheap processors. It is indeed one of the hottest trends in ...

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PhD Defense by Ms Thi Kieu Ha Phung

Schedule-based Multi-channel Wireless Sensor Networks – Protocol Design and ...

In the last decade, wireless sensor networks (WSNs) have evolved from the idea that a large amount of small wireless sensors can be used to collect information from the ...

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PhD Defense by Mr. Frederik Temmermans

Visual search in mobile and medical applications: feature extraction and classification, ...

Visual search is the task of identifying visually similar objects. In computer vision, and more specifically in the domain of still images, this task is typically ...

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PhD Defense by Mr. Federico Dominguez

Design and realization of a low-cost, location-aware sensor network for noise pollution ...

Modern sensor networks consist of spatially distributed sensor nodes that sense the surrounding environment and organize in a network. For environmental applications, ...

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PhD Defense by Mrs. Bin Zhu

Near-field microscopy in the mm and THz wave range: Aperture versus aperture-less scanning

Last decade, scanning near field Millimeter and Terahertz wave microscopy have attracted much attention due to its unique sub-wavelength focusing properties. ...

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PhD Defense by Miss Ilse Decoster

Spectral ageing model for the Meteosat First Generation visible band

Since more than 30 years, the Meteosat satellites of EUMETSAT have been measuring the thermal emitted and visible reflected outgoing radiation of the Earth. Due to their ...

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PhD Defense by Luca Dimiccoli

Sparsity patterns in the numerical solution of the inverse problems of ERT and ECT: a study on ...

Electrical resistance tomography and electrical capacitance tomography are two imaging techniques used in medical, process and geophysical exploration to image the ...

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PhD Defense by Ahmed Abdel-Hamid

Fine-grained near-failure timing-monitors’ insertion and data routing methods ...

This dissertation introduced novel methods to introduce digital delay timing monitors to a standard HDL flow at RTL. The core patented method of this dissertation named ...

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PhD Defense by Mr. Vladimir Matvejev

Terahertz Technologies for Integrated Bio-Sensor Devices

Electromagnetic waves at Terahertz frequencies (300-3000GHz) allow to probe weak inter- and intra-molecular interactions of biomolecules in physiological ...

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PhD Defense by Mr. Frederik Verbist

Advanced Hash-based Distributed Video Coding

Distributed video coding (DVC), also known as Wyner-Ziv video coding, provides low-complexity encoding solutions for video. In contrast to traditional ...

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PhD Defense by Mr. Antonio De La Piedra

Area Efficient Cryptographic Cores for Sensor Systems Based on FPGA

Typically, sensor nodes are constrained by size and energy consumption. Reducing the energy consumption of the network by decreasing the bandwidth
is possible by ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Wesley Mattheyses

A Multimodal Approach to Audiovisual Text-to-Speech Synthesis

Oral speech has always been the most important means of communication between humans. When a message is conveyed using oral speech, it is encoded in two separate ...

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PhD Defense by Sulaiman Rabbaa

Theoretical Study of the Electronic and Optoelectronic Characterization of GaN-based ...

Nitride-based materials still offer opportunities for the development of new electronic and optoelectronic applications. From the seventies of the 20th century, the ...

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PhD Defense by Halabi Wajdi

Routing, traffic grooming and service differentiation in multi-domain IP-based optical ...

Most of the service applications converge over the Internet Protocol (IP) and the amount of internet traffic is growing continuously. This has triggered the advent of IP ...

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PhD Defense by Leon Denis

Scalable coding of semi-regular and irregular triangular meshes

Computer graphics have evolved much since the early beginning of the digital era. In the last decades, we have witnessed a giant leap in graphical applications from the ...

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PhD Defense by Ala Hamarsheh

Breaking the deadlocks for transition to IPv6

About 15 years ago it was decided to introduce a new version for the Internet network protocol IP. The new version, IPv6, was to solve a number of issues with the ...

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PhD Defense by Shahid Satti

Scalable Single and Multiple Description Scalar Quantization

Scalable representation of a source (e.g., image/video/3D mesh) enables decoding of the encoded bit-stream on a variety of end-user terminals with varying ...

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PhD Defense by Nashat Abughalieh

Source and channel coding in wireless sensor networks

Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) consist of small nodes equipped with sensors (temperature, light, humidity …etc.), a small scale processor and limited range radio ...

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PhD Defense by Nikolaos Deligiannis

Distributed Video Coding for wirelesslightweight multimedia multimedia applications

In the modern wireless age, lightweight multimedia technology stimulates attractive commercial applications on a grand scale as well as highly specialized niche markets. ...

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PhD Defense by Maxine Tan

Development of a feature-deselective neuroevolution method and its relevance in medical CAD ...

Computer-Aided Diagnosis (CAD) systems have been receiving increasing attention in
recent years. CAD has been defined as a diagnosis made by radiologists with ...

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PhD Defense by Werner Vandermeiren

Detection and generation of CO2 laser pulses

The quality of laser-based material processing is, among others, strongly affected by the spatio-temporal characteristics of the incident laser radiation. As a ...

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PhD Defense by Alessandro Ipe

Cloud properties retrieval for climate studies from geostationary orbit

The climate system of the Earth is fundamentally determined by the Earth radiation budget (ERB) and its regional distribution. The Earth receives energy from the Sun and ...

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PhD Defense by Yanfeng Shang

Deterministic and probabilistic active contour models for medical image segmentation

In clinical applications, automatic medical object extraction is often a necessary preprocessing step for organ reconstruction, quantitative analysis and computer aided ...

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PhD Defense by Ir. Ward van der Tempel

Current-assisted sensor devices for 3D time-of-flight imaging

This dissertation presents a study on current-assisted sensor devices used for 3D Time-of-Flight Imaging.

Firstly, a complete model of a ...

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PhD Defense by Ir. Amna Elhawil

(Meta)material Characterisation and Thin-film sensing Using Quasi-optical Technique in ...

The work presented in this thesis concerns exploring, developing and analysing methods and algorithms that are applied to material properties characterisation at ...

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PhD Defense by Ir. Walter Colitti

Multi-layer Traffic Engineering in the New Generation Internet based on IP/MPLS over ...

The convergence of most services over the Internet Protocol (IP) has triggered the implementation of Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) and Differentiated Service ...

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PhD Defense by M.Sc. Lixiao Zhang

Multi-parameter illumination techniques for millimeter wave imaging

Millimeter wave imaging is a very promising technology for concealed weapon detection that is becoming a compulsory measure to enhance aviation security. Millimeter wave ...

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PhD Defense by Islam Md. Saiful

Antenna elements and arrays for active millimeter wave imaging

This Ph.D. thesis deals with the study of the possible scenarios of integrating frequency selective surfaces based on slot antenna arrays as quasi-optical elements ...

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PhD Defense by Ir. Geert De Cubber

Variational methods for dense depth reconstruction from monocular and binocular video sequences

Een groot nadeel bij fotografie en videografie is dat het beeld, zoals waargenomen door de sensor van een camera, slechts een 2‐dimensionale projectie is van onze ...

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PhD Defense by Sabri Mekaoui

Total solar irradiance measurements during solar cycles 22 and 23

The Total Solar Irradiance (TSI) is a measure of the radiative output from the Sun. Its value and its long-term variability have a direct impact on the Earth ...

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PhD Defense by Bob Verbruggen

Hoge snelheid gekalibreerde analoog naar digitaal convertoren in CMOS

Analoog naar digitaal convertoren zijn een essentiële bouwsteen in vele elektronische systemen. Ze staan in voor de overgang van het storingsgevoelige analoge ...

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PhD Defense by Dan Costin Cernea

Scalable error-resilient coding of meshes

The dissertation mainly focuses on two topics in the field of scalable coding of meshes. The first topic introduces the novel concept of local error control in mesh ...

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PhD Defense by Wolfgang Jacquet

Focus Mutual Information for medical image alignment in dentistry, orthodontics and craniofacial ...

Medische beeldvorming is een van de peilers van diagnose, planning en opvol- ging van aandoeningen in de tandheelkunde, orthodontie en craniofaciale ...

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PhD Defense by Abdelbaset Rabaiah

Best-practice framework for developing and implementing e-government

Governments struggle to implement electronic government (e-government) seeking out some potential values. Such values have internal as well as external benefits. On ...

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PhD Defense by Ir. Thomas Geerinck

Visual attention framework: application to event analysis

One of the monolithic goals of computer vision is to automatically interpret general digital images or videos of arbitrary scenes. However, the amount of visual ...

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PhD Defense by Daniel Van Nieuwenhove

CMOS circuits and devices for 3D time-of-flight camera’s

This dissertation presents a study of novel circuits and devices for time-of- flight range finding applications, and describes their conception, implementation ...

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PhD Defense by Ir. Maryse Stoufs

Scalable joint source-channel coding of image and video signals

The generation of scalable encoded representations for image and video signals is considered nowadays to be essential as it allows for accommodating one single encoded ...

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PhD Defense by Ir. Gert Poesen

Towards an adaptable millimeter wave reflector: development of an antenna coupled ...

We present in this work the development of an adaptable reflector that can be integrated in an active millimetre wave imaging system to reduce typical noise artefacts ...

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PhD Defense by Ir. Ruben Lieten

Epitaxial growth of nitrides on germanium

The interesting physical properties of III‐Nitrides allow the fabrication of many devices such as high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs) and blue light emitting ...

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PhD Defense by Ir. Jan Lemeire

Learning causal models of multivariate systems and its value for the performance modeling of ...

Jan Lemeire's multidisciplinary work originated by the idea to introduce the causal learning algorithms into the world of performance analysis. Besides this practical ...

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PhD Defense by Fabio Verdicchio

Scalable error-resilient coding of video signals

Modern multimedia applications require coding techniques that are capable of adapting the transmitted stream to the needs of a variety of end-users with different ...

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PhD Defense by Thanh Trung Nguyen


Infrared (IR) thermography is a technique that uses an imaging system to measure the electromagnetic energy emitted from a surface in the IR radiation band. This kind of ...

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PhD Defense by Ir. Gaetan Koers

Noise suppression in active millimeter wave imaging systems

De voortdurende sociale en economische evoluties van de maatschappij zorgen ervoor dat technologische grenzen over heel de wereld steeds opnieuw en sneller worden ...

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PhD Defense by Ir. Joeri Barbarien

Advanced motion information coding and deblocking techniques for scalable video compression

Today, the increasing heterogeneity of play-back devices and networks poses substantial problems for multimedia content distribution applications, since different ...

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PhD Defense by Ir. Luc van Kempen

Ground penetrating radar for anti-personnel landmine detection

Introduction Detection of buried targets with a GPR is rather simple almost anything under the surface of the ground presents a return signal, which may be ...

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PhD Defense by Ir. Iris Vanhamel

Vector valued nonlinear diffusion and its application to image segmentation

The objective of this dissertation is to develop a generic approach for the automatic segmentation of vectorvalued images and in particular color images. The goal is to ...

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PhD Defense by Ir. Ilse Ravyse and Ir. Ilse Ravyse

Facial analysis and synthesis

Communication of the face motion is an important aspect of the human interaction. Its automatic extraction from an image sequence is a challenging task due to the ...

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PhD Defense by Antonios Katartzis

Markovian modeling and image classification

Bayesian estimation and Markov processes, like Markov chains or Markov random Fields (MRFs), constitute a popular branch in statistics that has been extensively used in ...

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